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  • عطرة عدنان
    RT @KimKanyeKimYeFC: KIM is the YOUNGEST PERSON on @Forbes 'Top Earning TV Celebrities of 2017' list. She made $45.5 MILLION last year. 💸💸…
    RT @barbieeimperial: And its up! Prank called your fave celebrities haha! WATCH IT NOW!! =)
  • Kavashkar
    RT @Anushka_ASF7: Celebrities about #Anushka in #KTUC #Sweety liked by everyone and she is a wonderful human being #12InvincibleYearsOfAn
  • john locke
    This aint funny. U lot love violating celebrities
  • Abbey Callahan
    RT @otesgriz3: @AP Hottest celebrities n*dies (San directs San )
  • Simon Sadbury
    Bette Midler, Elizabeth Perkins pay tribute to 'Home Alone' dad John Heard Sad to lose him suddenly like that!
    RT @barbieeimperial: Eto na guys mamaya make abang, uploading a vlog on youtube, pranking your fave celebrities 😜😜😜😜
  • Mary Joy Violago
    RT @gmanetwork: Au Naturel: Gorgeous celebrities without makeup!
  • Margie Doris
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  • bhuvan
    RT @ChennaiTimesTOI: Birthday wishes pour in for @Suriya_offl...Celebrities take to social media to wish the actor
  • Shelbie Simon
    RT @cazzie_yorgo: @BBCBreaking Hottest celebrities n*dies (580 580 warns )
  • 핑크~
    RT @meungyy: Celebrities w/ unqiue sleeping habit Article. Mentions Eunji (sleeps with one leg raised like a crane) Others mentioned are IU…
  • mo💟
    RT @TrueLoveMag: From July 31, The Queen will air 5 days a week
  • Isabelle Corinne ♡
    RT @feministph: I hope for the day when morena celebrities in the Philippines stop endorsing whitening products and encourage their fans to…
  • Karen
    RT @angelovalidiya: Yes, but media very rarely let us speak...we aren't clickbaitable like the dumb celebrities. Sad ... #Science #ClimateA