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Angelina Jolie made honorary dame for work against sexual crime

“Succeeding in our goals will take a lifetime and I am dedicated to it for all of mine.” Okay, so Angelina Jolie isn’t just a gorgeous, kick-ass actress, mother, and […]

Selena Gomez gets Arabic phrase tattooed on her back that translates to ‘Love Yourself First’

Selena Gomez is jumping on the tattoo bandwagon, getting a tattoo from celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang McCurdy about a month ago. McCurdy is now spilling the details, explaining it’s […]

Brooklyn Beckham, Haven’t You Blossomed?!

Victoria and David Beckham will no doubt be beaming from ear-to-ear with their eldest son’s brooding cover debut. The 15-year-old Beckham boy is men’s magazine Man About Town’s newest cover […]

Jennifer Aniston Looks All-American in White Tank, Blue Jeans in New Smartwater Ad

Things are looking up for Jennifer Aniston! The star embodies her all-American, girl-next-door persona in the latest ad campaign for smartwater. The longtime company spokesperson, 45, looks right at home, […]

Kate Middleton takes to the decks and plays DJ for the day

Kate Middleton and Prince William take to the decks and attempt to spin a few tracks in Adelaide yesterday. Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are doing all the […]

Victoria Beckham Shares Never Seen Before Photos Of Her Wedding

To mark their 15th anniversary, VB treated us to a picture from her wedding to David. Victoria and David Beckham celebrate their 15th anniversary today – and to mark the […]

Kate’s Show-Stopping Easter Fashion Parade

Kate Middleton has been working some serious fashion frocks over the Easter weekend, inspiring even more high-street hysteria with her choice of looks. First up was the white LK Bennett […]

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber: “Our love is unconditional”

Err. What?! Their on-off relationship is more confusing than TOWIE’s Bobby’s swimsuit choices, but Justin Bieber has dropped a clue that he’s back with Selena Gomez. Again. He dropped a […]


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    11 Celebrities Whose Nude Pictures Got Accidentally Leaked On The Internet
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    @snarkybitch3000 Celebrities & 1% are the ones pushing for war but none of them will participate in it other than watch from ivory towers!
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    RT @NYMag: Here's a round up of celebrities who were not happy about Sean Spicer's appearance at the #Emmys
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