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  • Goezer
    @keyyykeyera2 @MikeRinder @LeahRemini They just called out all the celebrities in scientology... great to watch..
  • Bodiceainfowarrior
    10 Spectacular Meltdowns That Cost Celebrities Credibility – Listverse
  • Jacklyn Tyburk
    I'm ready to quit my job and be the person on @TheEllenShow who gets to dress up all weird and scare celebrities.who can I send a resume to?
  • Jasmine James
    The All Time Best Celebrities In Pop Culture Halloween … : ...
  • Elizabeth💋
    @LeahRemini are celebrity Scientologisys held to more lenient standards/regulations than non celebrities? #ScientologyTheAftermath
  • Brad French
    RT @HistoryInPics: Jim Carrey impersonating celebrities, 1992.
  • GulfDogs ®
    ★Celebrity Matt Damon Demands Less School Choice While Sending His KIDS To Posh Private Schools➜★#PJNET★#CCOT★
  • Ari G #defendDACA
    RT @_chloi: rich liberals aren't your friends, mainstream media celebrities aren't your friends, these people believe in nothing and stand…
  • Cyn
    @DancingABC @BarbaraCorcoran @keodancer ok, so why is @keodancer always getting stuck with the more "seasoned" 😬 ce…
  • GMD Tech 800
    RT @muscle_fitness: See @BellaTwins Nikki Bella's first performance on 'Dancing With The Stars'.
  • KXAN News
    Top celebrities searches that could infect your computer with a virus include Avril Lavigne, Bruno Mars & Beyonce…
  • Patricia
    Why I'm Excited When #Celebrities Talk About Their #ChronicIllnesses
  • Stoner Jesus™
    Celebrities have the same reaction to seeing @seanspicer that normal people do to seeing a baby run over by a Dodge Ram
  • em⠑⠍
    RT @HistoryInPics: Jim Carrey impersonating celebrities, 1992.
  • Drake'sGho$twriter🖤
    The way some of y'all are quick to switch on these celebrities you (one day)worship. I'm not surprised you switch on ppl.