Graffiti artist Joseph Tierney – known as Rime – claims the design was copied from his street art.

Moschino and Jeremy Scott are being sued for allegedly ripping off a design for a dress worn by Katy Perry.

Graffiti artist Joseph Tierney – known as Rime – claims that the gown’s design was copied from his street art.

Rime cites that the frock’s detail and colour bears an uncanny resemblance to the work he completed for The Seventh Letter art organisation in Detroit in 2012.

The lawsuit reads: “Rime is a well-known artist. Defendants Moschino and Jeremy Scott – two household names in high fashion – inexplicably placed Rime’s art on their highest-profile apparel without his knowledge or consent.

“If this literal misappropriation were not bad enough, Moschino and Jeremy Scott did their own painting over that of the artist – superimposing the Moschino and Jeremy Scott brand names in spray-paint style as if part of the original work.”

The dress in question has previously been worn on the runway by model Gigi Hadid.

However it’s most high-profile appearance came when Katy Perry wore it at the Met Ball in May.

Katy was accompanied to the event by Jeremy who wore a similarly styled suit and carried a can of spray paint.

“The idea of putting graffiti – or “street” art – on ultra-expensive clothing was meant to provoke and generate publicity for the brand/designer. Towards that end, Defendants paid Ms. Perry to advertise and display the clothing at the Gala, a high-profile party thrown annually by one of the nation’s most venerable institutions, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City,” the lawsuit continues.

“Not only did Ms. Perry and Defendant Scott advertise, wear, and display the clothing at the event, they arrived at the event in a spray painted Rolls Royce, and even carried around Moschino branded cans of fake spray paint during the event, as if Defendants were responsible for the artwork.”

Rime is demanding that the pieces be removed from the fashion house’s autumn/winter collection, as well as appealing for damages.

We have reached out to Jeremy’s reps for a comment.