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Monica Lewinsky Has Something to Say to Beyoncé and Hillary Clinton

“It’s time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress,” Monica Lewinsky writes in the June issue of Vanity Fair, available nationwide on May 13. While we thought that […]

Beyoncé paid £60,000 to attend a fashion show? If only it were that simple

Reports that celebrities can attract payments of £60,000 to sit in front rows will startle nobody in the fashion industry, many of whom wish it were that cheap – or […]

Someone made a fake trailer with Beyoncé as Godzilla…

We all know Beyoncé is all powerful, that she rules the world of music and always wakes up flawless. But what if she became too powerful? What if she became […]

Beyoncé’s haircut: the meaning behind her new short style

Whoa, Beyoncé’s haircut! What do we think of this? Whoa indeed, Sara, whoa indeed. Truly, our grandchildren will one day crawl on to our laps and whisper, eyes open wide […]

Beyoncé Turns Sultry Bond Girl In Brazil

Beyoncé’s banging bod has us jealous at the best of times, but now Queen B has us frantically squatting at our desks after releasing a promotional video of herself emerging […]

Beyonce strips down to her bikini as she enjoys some time off in the sun

The singer stripped off to relax in the pool and shared some pictures with her fans. It’s no secret Beyonce is some kind of superwoman and she is about to […]

Rihanna: evolution of a style icon

The singer has the most talked-about wardrobe in pop. Festival-going teens love her fearless look, but is her fetish gear a hypersexualised step too far?

Canned Tuna

Beyonce Goodness! (Lainey Gossip) Sarah Summers Topless Epic Hotness (Egotastic) Hot Chick With A Hose! (The Chive) Scarlett Johansson And Her Boy Hair (Dlisted) Allison Williams Is Sweetness (CT) Gisele […]

Is Mila Kunis pregnant? Let’s get excited by looking at the yummiest celebrity mummies around

There’s Victoria, Beyonce and not forgetting Australian beauty Miranda Kerr. Hollywood hottie Mila Kunis is reportedly expecting her first child with hubby-to-be Ashton Kutcher. And to celebrate with the gorgeous […]

Kanye West to perform exclusive new track from his latest album at Brits

Only SEVEN people were allowed to see him rehearse his new song as he “wants the first time everyone hears it to be special”. Kanye West is giving a performance […]

Solange makes first red carpet appearance since her Jay Z fight

Beyonce’s little sister was all smiles at the CDFA party and managed to avoid fellow guest, designer Rachel Roy. Solange Knowles was on her best behaviour at Monday night’s Council […]

Miley Cyrus Just Figured Out How To Get A Topless Selfie On Instagram

What is an avid Instagram user to do when the second biggest trend of the summer runs afoul of the site’s terms of service?

Sinead O’Connor has hot new look, ‘Bossy’ new album title

Sinead O’Connor has a new album name, and a new look. O’Connor took a cue from Sheryl Sandberg’s “Ban Bossy” censorship advocacy campaign and has dubbed her new album, due […]


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    I am hanging with top celebrities in this game! Let's play #SUPERSTARLIFE
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    RT @edhelms: Ugh. Why do all these dumb celebrities think we care about their opinions? Shut up about politics and just entertain us! https…
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    Tom Hanks Then And Now #celebrities
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    @CNN When will stupid lib politicians, celebrities, n college professors learn to control their mouths????
    RT @DineshDSouza: Yes! While @nytimes continues to rig its standings #TheBigLie hits #3 on the @PublishersWkly bestseller list…
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    Celebrities are people too. Treat them with respect and kindness, just as you would with anyone else. It's not that…
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    RT @ohluhana: "[+621, -25] He's GD, the one who's called the celebrity among celebrities. His presence itself is a symbol and status." #Hap
  • HLNL.
    When I say I miss One Direction, I don't miss just a boy band or celebrities. They're more than that. I miss my family, my heart, & soul. 💔
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    RT @HoustonChron: 'Bachelorette' and fiance hang out in Houston
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    RT @VTLTeam: We have planned something, but I can't divulge much about it." Hema also confessed that they have invited many celebrities for…
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    He does it again! Pretty damn amazing. Johnny Depp visits children's hospital dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow
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    Top Hollywood Celebrities With the Sexiest Lips
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