PYT Doughnut Cheesesteak Burger
Courtesy PYT/Facebook

It looks like restaurant PYT in Philadelphia is back with another heart-stopping burger.

Do we mean that figuratively or literally? We don’t even know ourselves.

The new Donut Cheesesteak Burger takes the basics of a Philadelphia cheesesteak — steak and Cheez Whiz (we at PEOPLE Great Ideas are not provolone people, although it’s a perfectly acceptable option in cheesesteak culture) — and piles them on a burger housed between two doughnut halves.

It looks like this burger is wit (Philly code for “with onions”), but no ketchup swirling through that Whiz in a picturesque fingerpaint of radioactive yellow and red? To us, that is fundamental cheesesteak.

That said, so are Amoroso rolls (soft-but-sturdy buns from a bakery in South Philly) and we are not complaining about the doughnut substitution. Actually, looking at this photo again, we are getting on the Amtrak right now to go get this burger.

We’ll save you a seat.