Color Changing Ice Cream
Courtesy IceXperience

Remember those color-changing Hypercolor T-shirts that were popular in the 90’s? Well, the fad is back — in ice cream form.

Chef and physicist Manuel Linares, the creative force behind IceXperience in Spain, created Xamaleón, a new multi-fruit ice cream flavor that changes color as you lick it.

Color Changing Ice Cream
Manuel Linares/Cocinatis

Before scooping, the ice cream starts out as a vibrant baby blue color. Once it hits the cone, the server spritzes the ice cream with what Linares is calling the “love elixir,” which turns the scoop a dark pink color in less than 20 seconds. But the color changing doesn’t stop there. As you lick the ice cream, you’ll see it transition to different shades of pink as it melts.

Linares is being secretive about the recipe he uses to create his special color-changing flavor. (Not that we blame him!) But he assures ice cream enthusiasts that he uses natural ingredients. Next up, he’ll be exploring ice cream flavors that react to ultraviolet light.

We’ll be eagerly awaiting Linares arrival stateside. Until then we’ll have to console ourselves with these sundaes.

—Kristin Appenbrink