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  • A J Chwick, Editor
    RT @chicksonright: "Enough with your empty platitudes, celebrities..."
  • Lisa Townsend
    RT @SoyouJjang: I had a dream that the Sistar members lived a quiet life after disbandment and married non celebrities but they were all ve…
  • People Magazine SA
    Celine Dion transforms into Belle for Beauty and the Beast song performance
  • People Magazine SA
    Niall Horan dials ‘daddy’ Don Henley for career advice
  • 100% Emotion😂😍😌😏
    @KaptainGleesh Notice that the definition gave examples of lightskinned black celebrities, Laurence Fishburne, Lisa…
  • Gemini Horoscopes
    Celebrities--Now and Then -
  • Athlete Motivation
    RT @Emily_Bellee: 20 Famous Celebrities Saved By Photoshop lmao 😂
  • Richard Minnick
    @dena_shanklin1 @AngelDiNardo1 @Rambobiggs Bullshit. Give up that glorious life style? Not a chance in hell. Unders…
  • 😊
    RT @MTVNews: 15 celebs named rihanna who killed it last night
  • PSN
    @Zee_Nomji Meant to say "So celebrities..." Autocorrect montage
  • Aaron crellin
    RT @kellyblaus: How NOT to handle a horrible tragedy: a guide by self-absorbed internet celebrities
  • Sunflower
    @justinbieber Islam is Muslims don't care if is children teens celebrities we are the infidels and they want to des…
  • ATMmeli ✨🇨🇴
    Tryna go on this summer fest cruise that all these celebrities going to but everybody wanna be a broke bitch :(
  • Lege 伝説
    Girls who comment about celebrities dating the same people be salty as fuck
  • Doireann
    I think I hate celebrities