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    RT @ArchDigest: These celebrities all have at least one decor regret:
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    #architectural These celebrities all have at least one decor regret:
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    We have 2 YouTube celebrities today. Can you guess who they are? @ErinLiKent #youtubecelebrities?
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    16 Brutal Tweets Destroying Steve Harvey for Telling Snoop and T.I. to Respect Trump | Steve Harvey @JoyAnnReid
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    Just hangin' around the garage #Celebrities #Famosos #celebrità
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    Monica Starwell #Celebrities #Famosos #celebrità
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    Here's How Much it Would Cost You to Vacation Like a Kardashian
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    Y'all ever notice the celebrities that's washed up don't do shit on Snapchat but workout now?
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    The fact that celebrities are doing more than our country 👏⚡️raise millions for famine-stricken Somalia”
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    RT @GoddesslnMe: These 20 Celebrities And Their Adult Star Lookalikes Will Freak You Out
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    RT @FINEARTlST: I don't think it's strange for Drake to tattoo Sade on him tbh, a lot of regular ppl tattoo celebrities on them so 🤷🏾‍♀️
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    Peta's just a glamorous organization that celebrities attach their names to in order to pretend they care about animal welfare.