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  • Stephanie Gary
    RT @newsone: Janelle Monae, Beyonce and other celebrities endorse Women’s March on Washington l#WomensMarch https:/…
  • Matt Bunting-Frame
    @DrStephPlum besides yourself I thought all celebrities where heading to DC🙃
  • Female Language
    Celebrities Showing Off Their Fuzzy Grapes And Don't Even...
  • Meighan Sembrano
    The 10 Most #Beautiful Female #Celebrities That Leave Us Breathless
  • A. Michael Uhlmann
    I liked a @YouTube video Jimmy Kimmel Helps Donald Trump Get Celebrities for Inauguration
  • 0
    RT @DPRK_News: Star-studded Donald Trump dictator installation to include celebrities Lawrence the Cable Worker, Don Knotts III, Hulk Hogan…
  • Ken Perry
    @Reuters @ReutersTV cover the violence not just sour puss celebrities
  • Mom_9
    RT @mikandynothem: Trump could care less about "so called" celebrities. It drives them CRAZY! He cares about real PEOPLE! #MAGA #TrumpTrain
  • Tim
    @stellammedeiros @UberFacts speaking of super rich celebrities.....
  • @BOBO
    12 celebrities who murdered their spouses – This will send a chill down your spine (With Pics)
  • Chato
    RT @true_pundit: Trump Wants ‘The People’ at the Inauguration, Not Celebrities #TruePundit
  • Pradeep sharma
    RT @ExSecular: That means American celebrities including Robert de Niro does not believe in democracy !
  • Shannon D. Onovo
    @ChrisleyChase @YouTube she done better than most celebrities
  • Sarah
    @enews we need more celebrities to stand up for animal rights.
  • Rain Cloud Indonesia
    regrann from @thebridestory - Korean famous celebrities, @29rain & taehee35 has finally tied…