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  • Chad 👨🏼‍🚀
    All these "celebrities" we gift with power and influence (for doing NOTHING most of the time) telling people how to live/think.. it's wrong
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  • WomanS Tale
    Justin #Theroux #Shows off #Ripped #Arms in #Edgy ... - #JustinTherouxShowsOffRippedArmsInEdgyPunkShirt #Justin! -…
  • Rabia
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  • Lucille
    @lucilletweets like politicians/celebrities - we like to complain about how they only gave this much, but we don't give either.
  • Luxury Life
    Please RT if you like!! #luxurycars #luxury #supercars #cars Top Exotic Cars Driven By Celebrities…
  • your highness👑
    hell yall worried about celebrities lifes, and who your bf you was cheating on 5 years ago fucking more than... ok lol
  • Allison Wild
    @CUComm3200 It's logical that mico-influencers inspire more confidence than celebrities because they are a lot easier to feel connected to
  • Rohan's almond
    I followed Russell Crowe on the basis of that Ridley Scott sentimentality tweet; now Twitter thinks I'm interested in celebrities in general
  • Zhenya Kukarina
    #celebrities #uncircumcised audio #selfie alternative #pawn #sharma cool
  • Kyle Coffey
    Add the cash me outside girl to the list of celebrities who've blocked me :/
  • Nailing Hollywood
    Even celebrities use hand model doubles ... Our @JennaChongHands doubles for #KristenBell's…
  • x
    RT @MonstersSpain: #Throwback to Lady Gaga's 30th birthday party! Taylor Swift, Lorde, Lana del Rey & other celebrities attended https://t.…
  • Fashion Twists
    Hot Female Celebs Who don't Wear A Bra
  • Kimberley Alfaro
    WOW! Did You Know These Famous Celebrities Have Spent Time In Jail?