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  • Jennys Rants & Raves
    #Celebrities are for #entertainment, not #opinions.
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    RT @CamWill__: For all these black celebrities meeting with Trump.
  • @lalauraru777
    RT @lbrot1: Difference between conservative celebrities and liberal ones can be summed up by Kid Rock rather eloquently...
  • Julie Bursic
    @jaketapper @TobyKeithMusic @jonvoight @PianoGuys @3doorsdown @DJRavidrums nice to see that not all celebrities have lost their mind.
  • Marc Warzecha
    I feel like no one gives celebrities enough credit for being kind
    @Bunnymorebeing @BiggBoss exactly Celebrities weren't born celebrities they had to work their ass off to become celebrity unlike INDIA WALE
  • Dexxxxxxx
    RT @wadetower: This is why so many celebrities are miserable and many of the poorest people are filled with joy. Thanks @HypeSir7 👊🏽 📷:@mi…
  • AmyFleming❤
    RT @HelloCanada: Alanis Morissette's former manager stole $5 million from her
  • Haley
    Celebrities live in a totally different world than we do. So why do we take what they say about politics into consideration all the time?
  • Windy City Times
    RT @nhdogmom: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Black Celebrities Must "Be Fearless & Relentless in Speaking Up" Against Trump (Guest Column) https://t.…
  • Melissa Frank
    RT @IMPL0RABLE: #TheResistance #Indivisible TONIGHT M. Moore, Alec Baldwin & Mark Ruffalo protest Trump Trump's NYC hotel Jan19 6pm https:…
  • Earth To Erika Marie
    15 Washed Up Celebs Who Don’t Deserve Their Fortune #celebrities #rich #wealth #fame
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    RT @everydaystiles: Day 8: Harry + Celebrities 😍💋 Stunning Harry!! 😍❤❤ #NOW2016 #NOWOneDirection #23DaysOfHarry
    #WeAreMouthed Actress Rosaline Meure Addresses Reports That She Is Sleeping With Tonto Dikeh's Husband…
  • Zara
    11 Celebrities Who Have Had Sex In Public