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  • Royal Heads
    Celebrities Put Thier Best Foot Forward as They Flaunt Their Gorgeous Styles For The Wedding Party Recording Break
  • Margarita
    @ all the celebrities.
  • Shelbzz
    RT @luv2wild: Dont you think these adult film stars look EXACTLY like these Hollywood celebrities?' 🍆🍆😘😘😽😽👄👄
  • aisleenruddy
    RT @DACalgie: C-list celebrities taking to social media to prove they don't have an extra toe. Oft, we as a species are due an extinction.
  • Maria Martinez
    .can think of a few American celebrities who can practice what they preach!
  • Traci Szymanski
    RT @YouTooday: We’ve interviewed @TraciSzy,founder of Co-Start Entertainment,who work with #celebrities to draw support for #causes https:/…
  • ariana
    Celebrities wait till the age 40 to have kids, not expecting to have any birth problems like....
  • Shape Magazine
    Steal Shakira’s Rockin’ Body Workout
  • Samantha Frew
    @GemmaAnneStyles do celebrities actually notice fans who 'spam' them on twitter or does 'spamming' have the opposite intended effect?
  • its britknee bitch⛓
    RT @partylikeits07: February 17, 2014 - the most random ensemble of celebrities we've ever witnessed
  • red
    @SWFLBeachBabe @JuddApatow that Whiney millionaire snowflake has no clue what rape means. He's as tone deaf as celebrities go.
  • 🤷🏽‍♂️
    I need more celebrities on my snap, could care less bout how these regular niggas living 😂