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  • Tony
    RT @someecards: Kelly Osbourne peed her pants at Pride and tried to blame it on Starbucks. Twitter said 'nope.' htt…
  • Travel Junkie
    Hanging Out with Celebrities | Madame Tussauds on @bloglovin
  • Coach Bax
    What's below F list celebrities?? That's where Budden and Julz fall
  • ya stepmom
    Lmao celebrities tweet and delete cause they know people will screenshot but they look mature for deleting it 😭
  • Ka'Brianna.
    @wristofer Idk why these women be mad at celebrities for doing the same shit they do. Except they doing it for brok…
  • Justin
    RT @SeanTheTerrible: Y'all made these social media hoes famous because of your thirst... And now they really believe they're celebrities.
  • lisa
    RT @tyIersjcseph: stop treating popular fans like celebrities!! we are all equals regardless of our follower count!! twitter really isnt th…
  • truthseeker@fact.plz
    RT @JohnTDolan: If their vile hateful threatening stupidly keeps up we could start refilling GITMO with Hollywood celebrities‼️ https://t.c…
  • Best Naija jokes
    RT @TheInfoNG: 11 big time celebrities you never knew hate themselves so much - What #2 did will leave you stunned! -
  • Jose Herrera
    Only celebrities I respect is messi and Ronaldo cuz they be donating a lot of money to foundation 💯💯
  • Thomas Porteous
    RT @Bradleysfight: How many football clubs and celebrities can you get to RT about Bradley's song. If you get a Rt tag bradleysfight 👌 http…
  • Mark A. McDonald
    @LesleyHymers If you are there, we have a revote case granted mandamus by the Supreme Court, and they ask that celebrities support it.
  • heart shoes
    Cara Delevingne, Sienna Miller & More Celebrities Step Out in Rainboots for Glastonbury 2017 -…
  • Swep Thomas Bilbrey
    RT @MycaLynn: 🚨Celebrities just can't stop themselves! John Cusack is another one to add to the list!🚨#BoycottHollywood #HollywoodIsInsane
  • Sexy Yoga Pants
    RT @1UpViral: 15 Celebrities Who Look Smoking Hot In Yoga Pants