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  • ω๏๏∂y
    Meet Meitu, The Selfie App Making Celebrities Look Like Anime Characters: Meitu No idea…
  • Laura LP
    RT @MarcoGutierrez: Lost respect for them liberal Hollywood celebrities smh #NotMyCelebrities 👊🏽💪🏽😎🇺🇸💯
  • JeremyiahxChèrene
    RT @_laashleyyy: I stopped caring about celebrities a long time ago. If the money is right, they'll do whatever
  • emma jane 🐰
    @annamcgay I've heard many celebrities who are scared of the f word and don't relate it to the word humanists. anyway Twas just sarcasm
  • Juneet Singh⚡️
    RT @Pawan0717: @Bunnymorebeing @BiggBoss exactly Celebrities weren't born celebrities they had to work their ass off to become celebrity u…
  • Ideas Belleza
    Los 9 mejores looks de los People's Choice Awards
  • Rose Golden ✨
    Lots of D-List celebrities going to bat for this woman and I can't think of why.... trash gotta stick together I guess.
  • David B Williford
    RT @lbrot1: Difference between conservative celebrities and liberal ones can be summed up by Kid Rock rather eloquently...