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  • The Rizzuto Show
    #CrapOnCelebrities: #ChrisPine #CaptainKirk in #StarTrek still uses flip phone?!
  • DJMurphi Kennedy
    Hahaha...Look at the FTC trying to regulate Influencer marketing...It's because they realize how HUGE it is and...
  • Antonia
    RT @Laurencamzii: @ArianatorIsland @mitchiegrande I love ariana because she is a very talented beautiful woman she is one of my fav celebri…
  • Н. Спектор 🌐
    RT @OwenBenjamin: @GadSaad @katyperry "Only personal security guards should have guns" - idiot celebrities
  • Mrs Perez
    RT @CBuch64: #PPSellsBabyParts waiting to see if any pro abortion celebrities have anything to say about the video.
  • RihannaNavy⚓🎈
    RT @nytimesmusic: Someday there may be a course in how Rihanna rewrote every rule about the relationship between celebrities & design https…
  • P E R F O R M I X™
    How Ryan Klarenbach stays driven: #TeamPerfomix #PerformixDriven
  • naru.
    RT @astrologyIife: The signs as celebrities
  • titty
    RT @VioletChachki: sick of queers being used for profit from celebrities and major brands/ publications. I wonder if these queens got paid.…
  • Sexy Outfits
    Top 10 Celebrities With The Perfect Curvy Shape
  • LADii jOe
    RT @Newsday: A man who broke into Sandra Bullock's home and forced her to hide in her closet was convicted of stalking
  • rick
    RT @owtahear: @FoxNews I am sure if we just show ISIS some love, they will stop this and join in on paying $100 to see these celebrities in…
  • Francesca Catalano
    Science Celebrities: Where Are the Women? | The Scientist Magazine®
  • christimcd
    RT @hrenee80: These Hollywood celebrities want to show more love? I DARE any one of them to sit down with a parent who lost a child to terr…
  • LADii jOe
    RT @NewsdayEnt: .@katyperry says @taylorswift13 “started" their feud and that "it’s time for her to finish it.” htt…