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  • People Magazine SA
    Cara Delevingne suffered ‘identity crisis’ after making new film
  • ➖ ripbrother 👼🏾🕊
    RT @Kingpaul__: I don't get how celebrities fall in love in 2.73 seconds
  • Left Leaner™
    100 Celebrities Without Makeup Show That They Are Common People via @teagossips
  • happyme
    RT @meungyy: Celebrities w/ unqiue sleeping habit Article. Mentions Eunji (sleeps with one leg raised like a crane) Others mentioned are IU…
  • Esti Zela
    RT @CosmopolitanUK: 12 celebrities who found love with non-famous people
  • Ƒяαηzι 🐇♀️
    RT @harleivy: when will these dumbass celebrities understand that being an lgbt ally does not give them a free pass to joke about us and be…
  • Surya Veriyan
    RT @ChennaiTimesTOI: Birthday wishes pour in for @Suriya_offl...Celebrities take to social media to wish the actor
  • Maphot Gallezo ❤️
    RT @barbieeimperial: And its up! Prank called your fave celebrities haha! WATCH IT NOW!! =)
  • Bro Seph
    RT @pixelatedboat: Today in "celebrities I've never yelled at who have me blocked for some reason"
  • Amy ✨
    Tbh the only people that call Dom and Jess celebrities - are Dom and Jess 😩
  • Getrude Makhafola
    RT @TheCitizen_News: DJ Zinhle ‘nursing a broken heart’ after calling it quits with her bae
  • 호쉐 (Hoswe)
    Reasons why you should like Twitter: 1. Celebrities might follow and reply to you 2. Funny tweets from all over the world 3. It's awesome!
  • Rosie-Lee
    RT @rosydevlin: @ChrisMaguire21 And I don't think any nurse has asked for a celebrities level of pay - just to be paid fairly
  • Wallace
    RT @Kingpaul__: I don't get how celebrities fall in love in 2.73 seconds