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    Nick Cannon shares unrecognisable photo of Kim Kardashian - click to see!
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    Ed Sheeran is ready to have 'fat, chubby babies' with girlfriend Cherry Seaborn
  • I.G: Dejexkul
    12 celebrities who murdered their spouses – This will send a chill down your spine (With Pics)…
  • Sharon Garrett
    RT @TheTrumpLady: Omarosa: Hollywood Has No Impact On The Will Of The People! Celebrities Freakin' Out That They Cannot Influence What Is…
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    Alanis Morissette's former manager admits to stealing $5 million from her
  • Deplorable Crusher
    RT @surfermom77: When celebrities become irrelevant 2Hollywood industry &can no longer act on the stage, they start acting on the street wt…
  • Mahendran
    RT @AnjanaVJ: Its purely #StudentsPower!Neither celebrities nor politcal parties should interfere!Pls pave way for peaceful protest!Dont sp…
    RT @BET: .@SpikeLee literally cancelled @ChrisetteM because she's performing at the inauguration
  • 黙翁
    RT @guardian: Alec Baldwin leads cast of celebrities at anti-Trump rally – video
    RT @true_pundit: Trump Wants ‘The People’ at the Inauguration, Not Celebrities #TruePundit
  • राघव
    RT @silenceofdheart: @LillyMaryPinto @renu_18 @zairawasim this is what over hype can do these so called celebrities want India to live in 1…
  • Mpasho News
    Kenyan Female Celebrities Who Look Absolutely Ravishing In Bikinis @ThisisEss